Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Fibromyalgia?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is “it’s difficult.” 

First, you need a confirmed diagnosis from a medical doctor (usually a rheumatologist) of fibromyalgia. supported by evidence that Social Security requires in order to establish the diagnosis. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia without the supporting evidence won't be enough. This supporting evidence includes: 

  • evidence of severe symptoms that have lasted at least three months
  • evidence that other conditions are not causing these symptoms
  • evidence of at least 11 of 18 tender points above and below the waist, and on both sides of the body, or at least six ongoing symptoms of fibromyalgia which include fatigue, problems with memory and/or concentration ( fibro fog), irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, and unrestful sleep.

Even with a confirmed diagnosis of fibromyalgia, you still have more to prove. Social Security wants to know how your illness affects your ability to do work-related activities on a sustained basis, 8 hours per day, five days per week. This information comes from statements you’ve made to your doctors in your medical records, statements you’ve made to Social Security when you applied for benefits, and also, if you can get it, a statement from your rheumatologist in which he or she assesses your limitations regarding things like your ability to sit, stand, and walk, lift and carry, and maintain concentration and attendance at work.

If your doctor’s assessment is consistent with the medical evidence and generally supports a finding that you could not perform work on a sustained basis, you have a chance of winning your case.

These cases are difficult because there is no machine that can objectively measure the severity of your pain and fatigue. Much of the evidence about the severity of your condition comes from your own statements and those who know you well. Despite the "subjective" quality of these cases, however, they can be won! Don't give up. Call us should have any questions or concerns.

(If you want more information about how Social Security evaluates a disability claim based on fibromyalgia, take a look at Social Security Ruling 12-2p.)