Social Security to Create New Record System to Combat Fraud


The Social Security Administration has published a notice in today's Federal Register of its intent to establish a new records system that will collect information designed to identify fraud:

"In accordance with the Privacy Act, we are issuing public notice of our intent to establish a new system of records entitled, Anti-Fraud Enterprise Solution (AFES) (60–0388), hereinafter called the AFES Record System."

This is called a System of Records Notice (SORN) and the public is invited to submit comments by June 4, 2018. 

The new records system is designed to "protect the public’s data, provide secure online services, and increase payment accuracy." Social Security will collect information from multiple sources, including enumeration information, earnings information, Social Security benefit information, Representative Payee information, information related to people conducting business with Social Security, and information about Social Security employees, contractors, and agents. The information can be shared with the Department of Justice (DOJ), the President of the United States and other entities in certain defined circumstances.

There appears to be an omission in paragraph 4 of the disclosure section of the notice. Subsection (d) reads that information may be disclosed to the DOJ when  "the United States or any agency thereof where SSA determines the litigation is likely to [???] SSA or any of its components," is a party to the litigation or has an interest in litigation. I suspect "affect" was intended.